BBC Size Princess Humiliates You

sissy humiliation training

I love BBC! I am a black cock size princess! I love having my tight twat bottomed out right in front of your small white dick as you attempt to stroke it with your thumb and forefinger.  That is not a fucking dick. That is a needle, a canned sausage a fucking pathetic excuse of a dick that never grew.  Fuck, look at these hung 10 and twelve-inch cocks. Are you fucking drooling, is that little dickie harder? Omg, you want to suck them, your jealous that you will never ever have man meat this big unless it is in your mouth! I will let you suck them right before you help guide them into my bare sweet young cunt. Oh, how I moan for them. But, do you want to please me even more. Let them cum inside me and as you clean my creampie Black cock loving young pussy, make sure your ass is in the air white boy. You are fixing to get your first lesson in being a BBC loving sissy. Don’t come to me unless you are ready to be a slave to black cock. 

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