Phone Domination with a Sissy Mom

phone dominationI am a phone domination kind of mom. The nurturing kind, however. I can be a bad ass mommy bitch if a sissy boy is disobedient. One of my sissy sons was a naughty boy this weekend and he deserved to be punished. I am sure you are asking what he did to bring out my bad mommy side. I had bought a new sex toy for my pussy. I found him with it up his little sissy boy ass. And, to make matters worse, he had on my new pair of sexy underwear. His twin sissy brother warned him I would be mad if I found out. He was right. I pulled my bad sissy boy’s panties around his ankles, pulled out my dildo and fucked his mouth with it. I made him clean his dirty ass off my new toy while I spanked his bare ass. I even put a little Ben Gay in my palm and masturbated his clit stick. He started screeching and hollering like a wounded wild animal. If you don’t punish a sissy, how will they learn? It is always my preference to be a sweet mommy, but bad sissy behavior requires a phone dominatrix to punish him.  I ruined his orgasms for the day, maybe the week. But maybe next time he will think before he plays with mommy’s things.

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