BBC Sissy Trainer Preps You for a Black Gang Fuck

bbc sissy trainer

As your BBC sissy trainer, my job is to make sure you’re getting you sissy pussy ruined by fat black dicks. That means pathetically filling your hole with a dildo isn’t enough to get that hole ready for the pounding of a life time. That sissy cunt needs to be used properly. That’s why I have you on your knees with your shithole lubed up. I sink one of my fingers inside that tight fuck hole. I can feel your walls squeezing around it. When I’m done with you I’ll be able to push my fist inside of your ass no problem.

BBC Sissy Trainer Pegs Your Slut Holes

I have a thick black cock hanging from my hips. I’m going to give you your forced sissy training and I’m not going to be easy on you. I pin your head to the ground and force you to arch into the air. Your ass is winking at me. That filthy slut hole is begging to be abused. I force my cock to stretch out that dirty sissy fuck hole and listen to you whine. Your ass looks like it’s close to ripping apart, but I force it inside until my hips are rubbing against your ass cheeks.

I pull the cock out and do it again. Your ass is ready to be split open and I get to slam that cock into you faster and faster. I want to here you moaning like a little bitch for me. Tell me how much you love being a phone domination gooner. Beg me to fuck you even harder. You want to be treated like a little faggot cum dump. Then, beg me to cum. Plead for your mistress to wrap one of my hands around that cute little clitty and drain your properly. You need to drain that sissy sack so I can watch you clean up the mess.

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