BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Pimps Sissies Out for Reparations and the BNWO

bbc sissy trainerCami calls me because I am a BBC sissy trainer. She understands what so many men do not. She understands black cock superiority. Cami is my reparations sissy bitch. She is a pathetic sissy and my pay piggie. I pimp Cami out and she pays for reparations one big black cock at a time. She makes her mommy sissy trainer money and supports the Black New World Order while doing it. Cami knows how to get those black daddies to fuck the shit out of her too. I picked her up to take her to the truck stop. I know where to find all the big black cocks. She was in a confederate flag bikini, her cock cage and fishnets with high heels. In her pretty wig and makeup, it was hard to tell she was not born a woman. Cami knows she is a pathetic black cock sissy bitch. She still needs sissy training though. She is weak. She needs exposed. She is pathetic. I am making her a pussy free sissy. I am making her a reparations sissy. Her pretty little sissy holes are just for big black cocks. We make a great team. I love those big black cocks. I am not weak or pathetic though. I know what I am. I am a dominant sissy trainer and a black cock slut. I do not hide my love for big black cocks. Cami, however, lives in the closest. I am exposing her in blogs so her family and all the girls she dated prior to coming to me understand what a pathetic black cock sissy bitch Cami is. The black guys at the truck stop saw Cami in her confederate flag bikini and Queen of Spades tats and paid me to rough her up. Cami worked hard for the money last night. She made me a lot of money, but she was fucked hard. She was oozing cum out of her fuck holes. She was walking funny. This phone dominatrix knows how to make a sissy bitch like Cami pay for reparations. If you see her out and about, make sure you call her out for the pathetic beta BBC whore she is.

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    • Çami Trapp on January 10, 2023 at 11:28 pm
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    I am pussy free for life, only for black cock, I WORSHIP BNWO as Mommy Coralines beta whiteboi sissy bitch, this is who I am, I love being Mommy’s obedient controlled sissy bitch.

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