BBC Sissy Trainer Believes in the Power of Sissy Hypno Videos

bbc sissy trainerI’m a bbc sissy trainer. That is my specialty and the type of call I get the most request for too. It is not all I do. I know not all sissies want those big black cocks, but if you do like them, you found your trainer. I have a sissy who has been seeing me for years. He was always adamant about no black cock. So, I avoided any talk of BBC. I certainly did not bring over any of my black lovers for assistance either. This sissy of mine loves to dress up and get pegged. I have pegged his ass over 100 times in the past years. Last session, he wanted to watch some sissy hypno videos. The problem with these videos is that they almost always have big black cocks sublimely displayed. If you have ever received sissy hypno training, you likely crave big black cocks. This sissy of mine watched 90 minutes of sissy hypno videos. He did not even realize he was watching big black cocks dance around because he was in a trance. When it came time to peg his pansy ass, he requested the big black strapon. He has never wanted my huge black strapon before. Those sissy hypno videos really work. I had this Bambi bimbo craving black cock after 90 minutes of some sissy hypno videos. I knew that my black strapon would only make him crave the real thing. It always does. Once they get past the discomfort, they start thinking about black cock spunk and how much they want it to fill their assholes. I texted one of my BBC lovers who lives around the block, and he came right over. My sissy did not protest. I watched my sissy get his first black cock. It was amazing. Years of sissy training and I could not get him to take BBC. A few minutes of sissy hypno videos and he was on his knees with 12 inches of black cock meat in his ass. That is the power of subliminal training. Think you are ready to be hypnotized?

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