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Sissy hypno training


Last night I broke in my newest sissy faggot Daniel aka “Tootsie Roll”. Tootsie Roll has some bad habits that had to be broken, but she learned quick once I inflicted some serious punishment on her ass. She straightened right up after spent a couple hours having her clean the kitty litter with her tongue. She won’t forget who’s the head bitch in charge again i promise you that!  Plus Tootsie Roll needed to pay a fine for her insubordinate behavior so I made couple ads on craigslist singles offering her mouth services for anyone interested in face fucking a sissy faggot for 50 bucks. The phone was blowing up with dudes wanting to get their cocks sucked for a decent donation. As each guy  has his own kinks and hang ups and  as a experienced sissy trainer i”m well versed in the art of seduction and   trust me it shows in my skills. I can have  a sissy like Tootsie Roll eating out the palm of my hand. All the while convincing her this is what she wanted all along ,she wasnt able to verbalize it until now. But she is a cum slut who craves a big black cock in her mouth 24/7 and she needs to serve a mistress in order to get any kind of satisfaction in her pathetic life.

After pimping out Tootsie Roll the other night I had a grand total of 300 bucks.  She got her first real taste of nigger dick down her throat and what it  feels like to be held down and have no control left . She managed to make me proud and take all that cock and at the same time earn some cash for her mistress. She was a good little cum dumpster and let each guy dump load after load of hot frothy dick dribble  without missing a beat.


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    I need to be pimped out to BBC

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