sissy training audioJeanie is one of my pathetic humiliation whores that sends me daily sissy training audio. I found her wandering around without an owner so I graciously took her under my wing. Just like a bitch from the pound, Jeanie is so happy to have a new owner. There’s nothing she won’t do to make me happy including putting on a little cheerleading outfit and twirling around doing a sissy slut cheer. I find it adorable and indulge because of how cute her little clitty looks wiggling in her panties. As she recite her cheer with excitement I daydream about how I am going to obliterate that tight little tushy! She doesn’t know it yet but that bear-bottom spanking was just a preview of my abusive steak. The berry crushing punishment I have planned for her will make her cry! I’m fair though so I’ll keep my BBC tucked away until she had a chance to finish her assignment. Do you hear that Jeanie? I’m spoiling you! If that fucking assignment is not submitted on time tomorrow your ass is mine. Are we clear?

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