Adult Phone Chat Lines With Emerson Will Leave You Longing For More!

Adult Phone Chat Lines

 I love my silky panties the most. I love all my panties, but the silk ones are absolute tops. The way they rub and press against my tight wet cunt just makes me feel so much like a woman. They touch me like a man touches me and I love it. So gently and caress my every curve of my pussy.

Let me take these silk panties off then stuff them in your face for you to smell and taste. I know that’s what you crave, secretly. I know you get into my panties when I am away, I’ve seen the massive amounts of cum in them that you like to leave behind.

So come and let me train you into being my perfect little panty sissy. Simply grab your favorite pair or request the ones I’m currently wearing. I will gladly take them off for you to stroke that yummy fucking cock with. Just engulf your cock in their delicious and intoxicating fabric and me sweet scent.

Then put on this dress and be a good little slut for me. I want to take you outside and have you fucked by all of my male and shemale friends. I want them to fill your cunt with cum so that I can fuck you with my beefy fucking strap on then have you suck me off.

I want to rule your entire world and have you be my perfect little sissy for the day. Wont you play along and have some naughty fun with me?

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