A Christmas Clitty

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I made the call to one of my favorite sissies. Come quick I told her. I have the most marvelous present for you. I could basically hear her panting on the phone with excitement. See, she might have been under the illusion that she was finally going to get a piece of my sweet juicy perfect pussy. Well, let me tell you that was the furthest thing that she was going to get. She arrived full of excitement, like a little one on Christmas morning. I gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and took her hand to lead her to my bedroom. Her cute little clitty already hard and leaking I am sure. So, we get in and on my bed is the most gorgeous man. Her tongue wagging and drooling as she smiled wide. I laughed and said oh baby that is my present. I handed her a bag and told her that her present was inside. She opened it to find a beautiful array of cock rings and Christmas decorations. The look of disappointment was delightful and I laughed and laughed. As she hung her head, I called her over and pulled her panties down. Her little clitty was leaking as I took it in my hand and applied cock ring after cock ring. I even added some holly and a Christmas scrunchy. What do you think?

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