Sissy Queen Makes A New Years Resolution

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My New Year’s resolution this year is to train two hundred sissy girls by the end of 2021. That’s a huge task! Lucky for me, I’ve been stockpiling little whores to bring into my service for months now. I think every single one of them has the potential to be the perfect slutty sissy companion. I’m not just out here making whores however, I’m making duchesses and countesses and princesses; I’m making future Queens. I’m teaching them the ropes now, so that I can either sell them to the highest bidder or keep them around for my own personal entertainment. How do I make some entertain me? Anywhere from sucking huge Superior Alpha cock to torment and each other. I’ve always got some sadistic plan to keep them from cumming.
What I find absolutely more amusing and arousing more than anything is when they turn their backs on each other in the hopes to get off. You see, I keep every single one of my sissy girl sluts locked up in little Chastity cages so they can’t play with their pathetic pee pees and clitties. However, they get taken out and washed by their sisters every single day. The girls like to torment each other, and I like to sit there in the bath chamber masturbating my perfect Royal pussy, and watching them beg each other to cum. None of them ever do, at least not when myself or my cool guards are present. If you think I’m cruel, you should see my guards in action. They once edged a beta boi sissy girl for 24 hours straight for 3 days. We had to get rid of that one, she was useless after that. In any case, I’m recruiting new whores for the cumming year.  Are you ready to change your life for the better you little beta boi femme bitch?

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