My brother is a sissy

taboo phone sex

Did you know that there are still people out there who  get upset at taboo phone sex? Personally I have no limits and I have no problems with doing whatever or whomever I need to in order to get what I want. I fucked my daddy to get him to leave me alone about school, fucked my uncle to get my first new car and I currently have my brother serving under me as a sissy. Growing up my brother was older, stronger and thought that he was in charge. When in reality all I was doing was gathering my evidence in order to bring him down. My big brother had a thing for sucking cock. I presented the videos to him one day and then I heard the magic words- I’ll do anything just don’t tell. Well now I have a man who will lick my feet clean, clean this pussy of any cum and will happily suck or fuck any cock that I tell him to. It’s easy to keep these men in line in my family as they have all fucked this cunt at least once and do not want anyone else to know. I stay in nice things and nice places all due to this sweet snatch! Do you want a taste?

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