You Are Not a Man in Sissy Panties

There you sit in shame wearing sissy panties. You were caught by me playing in my panties and lipstick. I had no idea the Condo Maintenance man is really not a man! I am going to force you to wear panties and lingerie under that “man suit” of yours. I will even make you come help me with clearing some pipes in my bathroom.

I will make you undress and get on your knees. Keep the panties and pink babydoll on…and here wear this lipstick. A good cock sucker wears lipstick. I bring in the Maintenance guys from the crew you lead. You are about to be humiliated and outed by your own employees. I sure hope you suck their cocks well enough sissy. Obey your Mistress and get to work, Sissy Faggot.

Sissy panties

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