What sissy boyfriends are like

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I need a sissy slut companion who will be willing to join in on my crazy sex ventures! I like when I have a sissy boyfriend because sissy men are bitches and I like when a man is my little slutty bitch! I get to mistreat him, beat him and cheat on him right in front of him and all he does is watch and get fucked with me! No matter how much I mistreat my sissy cunt boyfriend he will always crawl right back into my bed and cuddle me with love and care! Sissy boyfriends are the best because they bring you  breakfast in bed without you even asking him to! Sissy boyfriends are the type to pave the road for you so you can have a smooth ride! They are really awesome like when we go shopping he tries girly clothes on with me so I don’t feel left out! Sometimes I put a leash on him when we go to the mall in case a bitch wants to steal my dumb bitch of a sissy slut from me!


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