What a good boy!

BBC sissy trainer

My cousin Ashley had told me at Thanksgiving that she had the perfect boy for me to train. She has a boy who calls her and is into sucking BBC. She said that he was in need of a true BBC sissy trainer and thought that I would be good for the job! I told her to give him my number and we would see what we could get going. That first talk was great and I found that he was a perfect BBC sissy. I told him that we would go out and see if he could truly put his mouth where the cock is. He eagerly agreed and we got together the next weekend. I dressed him in a t-shirt that I had made that said” I love to suck BBC-may I suck yours?” We then went trolling up and down the busiest streets I knew and before he knew it he was hitting the pavement on his knees and the cocks were hitting his throat. More than one guy asked if he was loving drooling all over their giant beasts and he would look up at them and moan his assent. He swallowed more loads than grocery store has carts. He finished the evening doing his best to swallow the biggest BBC that I have ever seen. Something around 15 inches long and about 3 inches wide. He was splitting his lips while sucking up and down. When this guy came is was coming out of my boy’s mouth and nose. He swallowed what he could and then gave that beast a kiss and tucked it back away. I cannot wait to talk to my cousin on Christmas and retell his breaking in!

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