The Best Sissy Trainer for My Nephew

best sissy trainer

This week my nephew visited. He is a sissy, and I am the best sissy trainer for him since I am family. He was only supposed to be here for a weekend, but he does not want to leave now because he can be himself with me. My brother is not as liberal as I am. My nephew is a sissy. There is no denying that, but my brother is one of those folks who would disown his own son because he is a cock sucker. So, when my nephew is with me, I let him be himself. I encourage men to be themselves. If you want to wear panties and suck cock, why should I do anything else but support you and help you achieve happiness?  I have trained my share of sissies in my family, including my twin sons. I know what I am doing. One day this week I brought home a playmate for him. He was already dressed in his frilly dress and had been practicing his cock sucking on my dildos. This guy is older and a good friend of mine. He is hung, and very alpha male. He loves young jailbait sissy boys. I told him about my sissy nephew, and he wanted to be his first “daddy.” When I introduced my sissy nephew to my friend, his sissy stick grew in his panties. He liked him.  Terry is a handsome man. Clean cut, well-dressed, intelligent, handsome and has a 9-inch cock. I helped my nephew take his first real cock in his mouth and in his sissy hole. He is a natural. He just needs some sissy training to be the best sissy he can be. I assured him that if he got kicked out of the house by my brother, he could live with me. I may not be able to help you if your wife kicks you out for being a cock sucking sissy, but I can be your sissy trainer.

sissy training

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