Taunting and Teasing a Caged Ex

I have been doing some traveling this past month. I have also been staying with my ex-Husband. My ex is a closet sissy. This is ultimately the straw that broke the camels back as they say. I have been a Mistress and sissy trainer. He has been secretive and discreet in his follies. The funny thing is when I stumbled upon his profile on a crossdresser site.

I set up a special meeting for us and exposed my knowledge to him. I offered to train his pathetic cucky ass. I did cuckold him while still together and he got jealous. I told him I would not pleasure his little pee-pee as a woman does with her lover.

I gifted him a cage and some panties, a bra and stockings. I made sure he was a good girl for me and I fucked his boss in front of him. I humiliated him in the most promising form of humiliation. Making him watch me fuck his boss’ big nigger dick while he was forced to crossdress in those frilly pretty panties, bra and stockings all while his peewee was locked up tight. He dripped like all caged cucked sissy loser’s do.

Mistress phone sex

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    • gene on April 23, 2021 at 6:45 pm
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    Tease me and use me

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