Taboo Phone Chat Gets Dark For Bad Sissies!

Taboo Phone Chat

All sissies get to endure my taboo phone chat role play when they misbehave and my dark side comes crawling out of the depths. I will bend them over a breeding bench, and have a huge fourteen inch fuck machine come in to act out my rape fantasies on their little assholes. Meanwhile, they’re being force fed hot cum straight from my Cum Cow farm, and I’m torturing their poor little clitty. Consider it your second circumcision but this time, it’s going to fucking hurt a lot worse. Let’s shave off that last inch or two, and leave you with a flat little piss hole! Go on, get the grinder so I can end what’s left of your “boyhood” before we forget you ever had balls for good. Oh your balls! Yes, those come away next. Let me get my sewing scissors.

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