Surrender to me

Sissy slave trainingYou’re walking around the house with your sissy clitty dangling down between your legs as you fantasize about who is gonna be the lucky cock that is going to get to fuck my perfect pussy next. This beautiful goddess hole of mine is so fucking full of cum from being pounded out non-stop. I’m so swollen but that’s exactly how I prefer to be! You are over in the corner masturbating your pathetic sissy clitty and daydreaming about how good it might feel to shove yourself deep into my cum-filled cunt like all the other luck horny real men get to do. Why don’t you shift your thinking and go worry about your bank account and how much i’m fuckin draining you all in the name of domination and erotic gratification. I love putting your heart in a blender and still you surrender your whole being to me, lol you truly are a lost cause! You’re such a worthless little bitch! Bow down and kiss my pretty toes while I pat you on the head and tell you what good sissy pet you are. Your sissy slave training really is coming along swimmingly.

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