Some Boys Just Need Phone Domination

phone dominationWhen you need some phone domination, call a sexy sissy trainer like me.Often times, men need cock control. I am the key holder for many men. Having a  cock is a privilege and you should not abuse it. If you can’t stop rubbing your nub, then you need a mistress. If you are a chronic masturbator with a small nub, you need to be in a pair of panties. I love training sissies, cuckolds and small dick losers. I have this peeping Tom neighbor named Larry. He thinks he is being discreet, but I have cameras all over the place. Even when I am sleeping, I know what everyone is doing. Larry has a tiny dick, yet he was yanking it hard outside my bedroom window the other night. He could never get a girl as hot as me. Hell, he could not get a girl half as hot as me either. I got a pair of sissy panties for him, and paid him a visit last night. He lives alone. No surprise there. I have never even seen him with a woman. Now, if he had a decent cock, I could just cage his little pecker and help him learn some self control. Larry was born to be a sissy. He didn’t agree. That was until, I put him in my panties and pegged his loser ass. Normally, I am more of a nurturer, but Larry is a fucking pervert. He is jacking off as my daughter and I sleep. He needed put in his place. I am not sure if I was too convincing but I did peg his ass hard. I made him a sissy bitch for about an hour. I’m not done with Larry yet. He needs more sissy slave training. I will make him soon realize what he was born to be. 

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