So You Want A Taste

mistress phone sexSo, you want to take off my pretty yellow bra and panties and taste Mistress Violet, don’t you? You know a sissy like you can’t touch me without my asking. In order for you to get a little sliver of Mistress Violet I am going to need you to do just a few things for me. You must earn it baby. I hand you and my husband a pair of pretty purple panties to put on. Now sit in front of me. Each of you pull the front of your panties open and then you put your hand in the others. Just like that. Now jack each other off. I will just sit back and stroke my beautiful pussy while I watch you. Lean over and put the head of the cock in your mouth. Suck it really good. I want to hear you slurping on it. Oh, my that does sound wet, about as wet as my pussy. I stick my finger deep inside of me and put it in my mouth, licking all of my juices off. You both look so disappointed that you didn’t get a taste. I have a challenge for you with a wonderful surprise for the winner. The first one to drain the others’ balls will get to stick their tongue deep in my ass and lick it all up. On your mark get set and go…………….

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