Small Clitty, soft Clitty, Lil’ Worthless Clitty

Domination phone sex

Some sissy bois have little soft clittys that hang limp as they get ass pussy fucked! Oh, where are my manners? Why do I always skip to the pussy fucking in Domination phone sex? It’s my insane desire to watch a man get fucked. Not to say that I don’t adore playing dress up in some soft femme or even slutty outfits. Men who go ultra femme and even whorish are my biggest love when it comes to dominating and seducing to the pegging and cock taking side of sexual pleasures! I just tend to get fixated on that ass fuck. Now, that is a close second to some hot sissy cock sucking. Okay that may be my absolute favorite. Seeing a man choke on a big ass dick just does something to me. Many men tend to think a 20 something, or even teen sissy trainers don’t have what it takes to be in control of a good sissy whore! Being in control of my pleasure is something I come by naturally. And the fact that I love big cock and dominating sweet soft clitty having femme boys. Stop by and see a sassy bratty sissy owner who loves femboy training! What can you do for my sweet and bratty self today? 

Can I own you!? 

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