Sissy training

Sissy training“Simply pathetic you sissy fairy faggot!” You’ll have to make up for this one and you already know it. My Sissy training is no joke! I don’t give second chances, I don’t tolerate backtalk. You are to submit to me and all I say. Humiliating you is my objection just a small part of your training. There’s plenty of things I will make you do that you never even thought of before. If only your wife could see you now. All dressed up in a frilly girly tutu, matching heels, a bra and panties and of course your makeup and hair done. If you want to be a sissy bitch you have to look the part. I will make you go out in public with me. And we would get our nails done too. We want those hands to look extra feminine while they grip these BBC I have lined up for later! That poor asshole of yours will get fucked till it’s gaping and your mouth will be full of cum and your throat raw from being fucked. Oh and the best part of this all? You literally pay me to do this all to you! So sad for you, but not for me!

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