Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training

I keep a sissy slut with me at all times because you never know when a sexy bbc stud might need a tight, little slut to stretch, pound and explode into. The guys around my neighborhood know what kind of pimptress, slut I am. Everyone knows that I’m a sissy training whore and I always have a hot, little bitch for sale. I moved one of my favorite little bitches in with me so that I could dress her up and share her slutty, tight pussy whenever I want! I keep her dressed up in lingerie and ready to please a fat, throbbing fuck rod, at all times. I can’t tell you how hot it makes me when I get to watch men use her slutty mouth and pussy hole. I get to watch and I get paid for them using her cum holes! I bring her at least 3 men a day and it’s always the same. I watch her drop to her knees and start running her tongue all over his thick shaft. She uses her drool to get that fat dick dripping wet because she knows what’s going to happen next. I’m right there to encourage her while she’s getting a huge, monster cock rammed into her tight cunnie. I rub her cute, little clittie and tell her what a good slut she’s turning into and how our hard work and training is paying off. Every sissy slut needs an encouraging mistress to teach them how to please a man…


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