Forced Feminization of Little Dick White Boy

I love a good session of Forced feminization on the weekend. Well I love it any time of the week, to be fully honest. As I am a total domination Goddess and little white boy dicks are a joke to me. Honestly, when I accepted the invitation for a date last night, I was hoping to have my way with him.

This guy, we will call him George, (as he really reminds me of Curious George). So, dude is a pretty loaded white guy, and I suppose most “girls”  (emphasis on girls, as women would not be feigned by him), willingly stroke his “ego”. Well, not me! I see a little 6 inches between his legs and immediately take the upper hand with him.

George turned out to be quite easy to over take and make him my own personal pay piggy. I have him shopping for panties as I work today and expect him to send me a virtual gift card  to do my own lingerie shopping. He owes me this much for helping his transformation.

Forced feminization


    • Hugh on August 16, 2023 at 2:50 pm
    • Reply

    I’m a little dick white boy I want to be a real man’s sissy I want to be his live in slut

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