Sissy Training With Arabella

Sissy trainingI know you want to be a Barbie princess just like me but you can’t just put on a pair of  panties and some high heals and call your self a pretty sissy!

It takes hard work!

The first thing we have to do is get rid of that cock!. Those things are the root of all evil!

We will not detach it because it will serve as a constant reminder of what you don’t want to be!

So we will tuck it away and then dress you up. We will put you in the prettiest sissy panties.

Yes we will make you pretty, do your hair, paint your nails. I may even lend you my pearls.

But the work starts when we start training you to act like a lady!

You will learn to walk like a lady and crawl like a whore.

You will learn to suck like a slut and never slurp!

And most important…

You will learn to take a big fat cock in your pretty little princess ass and never blow fuck farts!

Until you learn to do all that, you are nothing more than a sad little penis in a dress!

Anyone can be pretty but only the best sissy trainers can turn you into a Queen!


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