Sissy Training with a Bitch in Charge

sissy trainingSissy training begins here you little crossdressing faggot. You are too weak to do this alone. Plus, you could benefit from my tutelage. I am a badass dominatrix and a sissy trainer. If you have a feminine side, I can flesh it out of you. I have two sissy sons. Plus, I have helped numerous men like you.

A little about me. When I was a young coed, I was a professional dominatrix. I even had a dungeon in my basement full of all the equipment needed to punish slaves. However, when I got older, I married and started a family. Plus, the world of domination changed when the government decided that even pegging a man’s willing ass was prostitution. Suddenly being a pro dominatrix became illegal. So, I became a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer.

But true confession time. I love pegging asses. So, I do not care if the state considers it prostitution. I will peg a sissy’s ass. And I did last night. Sissy Tanya came over to play. She is a cute sissy who knew she liked panties and cock but did not know what to do about it. She saw my ad on a fetish site and texted me. That was almost three years ago. Sissy Tanya still likes to play with her sissy mom.

I Enjoy Pegging a Sissy Ass

When she comes over, I dress her up in something frilly with lace. I do her hair and make-up and make her look like a pretty girl. But this sissy loves it when I peg her. So, I put on my strapon, and fucked her pretty ass. What a tight ass she has too. But I had a surprise for Sissy Tanya. I brought over a stud with a huge cock for her. She needed the real thing after all this time. And boy did she impress me and my stud with her skills.

She was able to get all his big cock in her holes too. And you will be able to deep throat like a porn star with some online sissy training too. I turn useless men into useful sissies. And I love doing it too.

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