Sissy Training Never Stops

sissy trainingSissy training doesn’t stop on quarantine. This sissy trainer is just more creative. I have two sissy boys stuck at home. The flow of cock coming into the house has been halted by this virus. My sissy boys are behind in their cock sucking lessons. My daughter is home with us. We are all on lock down, only going out for essentials. Cock is an essential for sissies. It is essential for me too. My daughter and I broke out some sex toys last night. I wore my 11-inch black strap-on. She wore one a bit smaller. My daughter is a teen girl, but she is a cock size queen like her mother. My two sissies got on their knees and worshiped our surrogate cocks. We went back and forth from their greedy little mouths, teaching them how to suck big and average cocks. My daughter got horny training her sissy brothers. I think she got horny seeing my big black strap-on. I understood. Neither of us have had black cock in 8 days. She has not had any dick in almost two weeks. This is the longest I have gone without cock since I lost my virginity in high school. I ended up fucking my daughter’s bald teen cunt in front of my sissy boys. They watched while sitting on their hands. I didn’t want them to cum. Not yet, at least. They may not be getting real cock training right now, but that is no excuse to masturbate their tiny dicks constantly. Once I was done giving my daughter the fucking she needed, she put her strap-on back on and we turned our focus to sissy pussies. You may be stuck at home, but online sissy training is still in available. No cock for you? No problem. We can find something for you to use on your sissy holes.

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