Sissy Training Necessities

Sissy TrainingThere are some important must-haves for sissy training. It’s not just about stockpiling a lot of frilly panties, although that doesn’t mean stop doing it. It’s important for a girl to have a colorful and sexy variety of panties. I’m talking about those serious with long term sissification goals there are a few things you will want to collect over time. For starters, those interested in anal training will want to invest in some cute butt plugs varying in size if you haven’t had your sissy pussy trained or played with do not start with the biggest size. You could but it wouldn’t be as much fun. A sissy should still have lube handy for varying reasons. You need a practice cock, you can’t just become a cock sucking pro overnight, it takes practice to be a good little cock slut. You need to begin looking into hair removal, whether it’s shaving or booking a wax. No one wants a hairy sissy. And one really important tool is the chastity cage, it’s time to realize that cock is of no use. You are a sissy which means it’s time to teach that cock to become a clit. The best way to do that is to lock it up! 

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