Sissy training means lasting until I cum and then give permission

Sissy training

Many men want Sissy training but when I’m in my mood, I want them to lay there. Their cock is for my pleasure. So many men say they want a strong female to tell them what to do. But that requires them being strong within themselves and having the discipline of their own cocks. I want their cocks at attention at a glance over my shoulder. I want them to stand firm and tall even when my cunt is dripping all over their stiff rod. It requires they focus on my pleasure and give up their own as an afterthought so when I do cum, if I am not done then their work is not done. Sometimes I need a minute after a truly great orgasm to breathe and pause but that doesn’t mean he should even ask if I am done. Nah nah, he should sense when I am done and when I am ready for more. For someone like me most of the times it is just an intermission. Sometime I have pathetic weaklings who have passed the test so far but when it comes to my cunt they fail epicly. Then afterwards we will have some Humiliation phone sex so I can berate them for their shortcomings. It doesn’t matter but it’s the principle of the matter.


    • daniel on June 23, 2023 at 2:31 pm
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    expose me and ruin me princess

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