Sissy Training Means I am In Charge of You and You Don’t Call the Shots

sissy trainingSissy training is why men are on my site. Often, however, I get some tiny dick loser who has lost his mind trying to fuck me. If a woman is on a sissy site, she is not submissive and she is a size queen. If you do not know what a sissy is, you best Google it. If you are not some beta bitch who wants to dress up like a human dolly and suck cock, especially big black cock, then this site is not for you. Move along. Just because I am a phone sex woman does not mean I will fall to my knees to suck any cock that gets dangled before me. I do not operate that way. I am a phone dominatrix. I had some loser last night threaten to get me fired for not sucking his dick. I told him it was not my fault that he was a moron and was on a specialty site trying to dominate a dominatrix. He kept hounding me and threatening me, however. No one forces me to do anything. I force you to dress up girly and take big black cocks. This loser wrongly assumed that I was a pushover and that he owned be because he bought a $20 call. No one owns me for any amount of money. I did a quick Google search on him. I mean I had his credit card info and full name, and his billing address. I found out a lot of information. I started telling him his wife’s name, his boss’s name and hell I even found his divorce record. His wife left him for abuse. I told him he was angry and aggressive with women because no one, not even his ex-wife wants anything to do with his shrimp dick. I gave him humiliation phone sex and I blackmailed him into submission. Do not think you can call me and call the shots. You will not win. I cannot be threatened, forced or bullied into submitting ever to some tiny white dick loser.

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