Sissy Training Celebration

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? Sissy school is in session. I love my sissies. I am a nurturing sissy trainer. As a mother of three, including twin sissy boys, I know how to love and nurture a sissy. Just ask my sons all the good I have done for them. They love that I am their mother and trainer. They had a special occasion this week. They starred in their school play. The first time they have been in a play together. This arts school is like a Fame school, very progressive. They had female leads and no one in the school complained. That never would have happened at their old school. I wanted to celebrate their debut in a special way. My sons love big black cock. They may have inherited that from me. I invited two black bulls over. Two bulls I know who do not care who touches their cock. Black men are just more fluid like that. They do not care who is sucking their cock. Good head is good head. A tight hole, is a tight hole. My sissy boys dressed up in their frilliest dresses. They styled their naturally long hair and I got them manis and pedis as a present. They love to glam up. They knew I had a surprise for them, but they did not know what it was until I brought them home. My daughter had let the party favors in the house. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love to teach sissies how to suck the best cocks around, my sons included. I gave each of my sissy boys a shot of olive oil to lubricate their throats, then they showed off the deep throating skills I shared with them. Their little blonde heads bobbed up and down those massive cocks. They backed their little sissy holes up on those big black dicks too. It was a wonderful celebration. My boys have come so far. They would give even an old sissy a run for their money in the black bull ball draining department. Mommy can make you a good sissy too.


    • Colton on April 26, 2022 at 12:36 pm
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    I wish I was your son! I want mommy to watch as i take bbc!

    • Alex on April 27, 2022 at 9:34 pm
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    I want to be your sissy slut! Please own me!

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