Sissy Tiffy


Femboy trainingI met a sissy that may make your itty bitty clittys jealous! Tiffany is a new sissy that absolutely makes my cunt drip! She is the type of sissy that the all American type when she isn’t dressed up in pretty little outfits for her Goddess. Seeing her strong arms and chiseled legs in thigh highs and tanks tops really makes me want to fuck her all night long. If I could, I would cum deep in her belly just to show her how much she turns me on. The most i can do is fill her man pussy with my squirt.  She’s a size queen that isn’t afraid to take a big throbbing cock in her juicy tight man pussy so I know my strappy will make her very happy. What makes Tiffany different than you other little sissies the fact that she has a sizeable cock that can make a woman happy! None the less, she still won’t get a piece of this pussy. The most I can do is let her have fun with my prized possession, Tyrell. As you all may know, I keep this big dick buck for my own enjoyment. However, I would love to see Tiffany take every last inch of his pulsing cock until their balls clack together! Tyrell loves a little femboy that can take all 11 of his throbbing inches.  Tiffany might be my new favorite girl if she is able to take that dick and suck my strap at the same time! Let’s see how far I can stretch that size queen’s cunt.


    • Brantley on April 18, 2022 at 5:25 pm
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    I need to get some panties and I want a new name, a girl name.

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