Sissy Queen Presley

Best Sissy Trainer
I’m the best sissy trainer you know. You’re a pathetic little worm who needs to be degraded and humiliated in order to be a perfect sissy slut. Does your tiny penis get so hard when I talk down to you? I know my cunt drips at the thought of using you like my own little sex toy. Get you a ball gag that’s got a nice Big Black Cock that you can use to fuck my Queenly cunt with. Yes, I mean it! Lay you right down on the floor at the mall, and drop my soaking wet pussy right down onto your mouth. I’ll hike my skirt up, and when I squirt it will all rain down all over that little sissy face of yours. There are several lessons in sissy faggot etiquette and one of them is learning how to be humiliated like the little worthless bitch you are, and enjoying every moment of it while you graciously thank your merciful sissy trainer, Queen Presley. There is no discretion here. People will take photos, and watch on in a mix of curiosity, horror, arousal, and disgust as I use you like a little sissy fuck toy. If there are any Big Black Cocks in the crowd, I might ask them for help in filling up your little ass pussy.

Humiliation Phone Sex

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