Sissy panties and fishnets are not optional!!!

Sissy panties

Sissy panties and fishnets are no longer optional for one of my favorite sissy Sluts!!! On top of that pedicures and acrylic nails will be a permanent place in his life now. Thank goodness he works at home for some big IT firm. However, those Zoom meetings will be fun as he tries not to show off his pretty almond-shaped French tips! 

For the last couple of years, he has been wearing some sexy panties and nylons under his desk during face-to-face meetings with clients and potential clients. 🫦

Sissy panties make Jaden feel so girlie!

Jaden The jolly part time sissy has become a new pet in the last few months At first it was just a  confession of panties and feeling like he was in the wrong body.  He has been slowly embracing his feminine side and has started to go out in public wearing feminine clothing.

My new sissy has also started to explore his gender identity and has begun to accept himself as being a sissy slut.

My suggestions of fishnets and electrolysis have not gone deaf ears. Jaden decided that from now on he will be my office sissy slut and try to not get caught by his mean wife. Mornings he comes to me and asks what he should wear to work.

After a good ass reaming, we decide on clothes that he keeps in a trunk in his basement. His wife is chicken shit and won’t go down into the cold dark basement alone. We are talking about years of ex-girlfriends and his old wife’s clothes in this trunk. Along with items he has snuck to buy. I love having a sissy with a big sexy wardrobe. It is just like dressing up a baby doll!

This week He is to wear his fishnets and sexy cotton panties to work every day. His nails and eyebrows are perfect and he knows that the only thing he needs is my Sissy humiliation training to take him deeper. As in deeper like that dildo he bounces on during his stressful work day. 

Oh, I forgot, today he has a meeting dn is going to keep his dildo in his ass as he talks to big mean businessmen. I hope he gets the contract and doesn’t lose his shit! Hahahaha! 

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