Sissy Panties and All The Crusties

sissy pantiesWatching sissy panties being put on, one leg at a time as the lace around the edges goes up those pretty little legs.  Some of those legs covered in hair but not after they get done with me.  Watching those cock pussies start leaking little drops as the start feeling that silky soft material cover their little pussy dicks.  Oh what a beautiful site!

Watching a little sissy go through my undies and smell them, and then put those dirty, crusty panties that oozed whatever cum I was dumped in that day, sometimes a few different cums as a girl has needs ya ok.  So those nasty cum filled pantie now smothering the sissy’s face as he knows the closest he will ever get to my pussy is my panties.  This slut needs some real cock and it aint cutting it with what sissy has going on in between sissy’s legs. Hashtag sorry not sorry.

I snicker that this sissy then puts on my shiny silky tiny little panties.  Watching his sissy bulge barely fit in the crotch of my dirty panties. I see that sissy dick of his instantly become hard when my dirty nasty panties touch that sissy cock pussy.  Even with sissy phone sex, you can feel over the phone the pathetic nature of the little sissys. Some of them I feel bad for and quite frankly, they hit my softer side. I’ll go up to them in my dirty panties and hold them tightly and let them suck on my nipples. Caressing in between teach other’s legs as we stay gentle and nurturing.

Meanwhile, there are definitely ones that I make get on their knees in those g string cum filled pussy cock covering undies they pathetically glance up at me with their hard little cocks. I have them beg to touch their cock.  They have to work for everything they get and beg for their hands to even brush past my body.  These little sissy pussy’s are my servants and boy will they do what you need them to do.  Pathetic little souls they are.

About time to invite them in for another dirty panty grab.  Beats doing landry. I either buy new ones or go without!


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