Sissy maid training

Sissy maid trainingCome one, come all! It’s time for Mistress Genesis to have a special little class, a class called Sissy maid training 101! This class requires quite a large deposit, and I have a list of things you will need to purchase for this class as well. Only obedient sissies that are dying to learn how to be sissy maids are welcome in my training class. I need passionate sissies only, the best of the best will survive this class and have a very special graduation ceremony. The school supply list goes as follows: 7 Sissy Maid Uniforms, I have supplied a list of locations you can buy the type required for this training. Secondly stockings all in a mixture of white, black & nude! Next, we have a mixture of high heels to wear, as well as wigs for each day! Hope this list isn’t too overwhelming we are far from done. All the sissies will need to have a full makeup set, receive laser hair removal all over, and get a french tip toes & fingers. Each sissy is allowed to choose three of their favorite torture devices to purchase for class. More information next time my sissy maids!

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