Sissy in training!

Best sissy trainer

Big sissy training? You’re such a sissy and you know it! I would love to put you on leash and walk you down the street like a dog! Don’t worry I’ll give you knee pads so you don’t mess up your precious knees. I know you need them since you are clearly missing a third hole. Don’t you wish you had a pussy like mine! I know you do. ???? I’d love to dress you up in all the hottest gear and use you as prey. You’ll be the one who rails in our BBC’s since that’s all your good for. We can fuck a big dick together, I’d love to watch you get so jealous. I’ll make you sit there and watch my tight pink pussy get devoured by a massive cock. You are so useless! You know you are. Let me guess, your cock doesn’t even stand tall enough to penetrate a vulva if you wanted to! So you use your ass to try and make yourself useful. I wonder why you even have a cock in the first place? ???? let me guess you still love the feeling of ejaculating even though your cock doesn’t do much! I want to humiliate you and make you wish you never owned a mirror! Let’s dress you up in tall black leather knee high boots and a skimpy dress. Hopefully the wind doesn’t blow because you won’t have on any underwear and I’m sure you don’t want anyone to see what’s under there. (can you say humiliating) — No worries, lets go bestie…I’m sure bystanders won’t have a magnifying glass on site! I guess there isn’t too much to worry about. Yes you’re beautiful, sexy and able to take loads of cum but you are still useless. Don’t forget that! You’ll never be me ????

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