Sissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands

Sissy hypno trainingSissy hypno training leaves you helpless in my hands. I know my voice and my barrage of sissy goon porn will spin you out! With or without the go-go juice! Sometimes letting yourself spin out for a hot Brunette is just as good!   When I am done with you you will be breathless, questioning your sanity!

But listen it’s easy for you, for now you will have no choices, and just be my Zombie sissy. No matter what your day job is, I’ll be in your head reminding you of what lies beneath your facade! Your sexy Zoey will make you feel like you have never experienced anything so exotic or erotic before. 

Sissy hypno training with Mistress Z

Sissy slave training with me will make you feel like there is no other option but to surrender to my will. Promise you one thing, You will never be the same “man” again.  Do you sometimes feel lost and confused in a man’s world? You just need a Mistress Like me to own you completely.

Through seductive hypnotherapy, I can and will control your every move. Whether it’s a cue in your daily life, or a session designed to bring out the girl in you, I know how to worm my way into a sissy brain or two! I know my pussy will have fun, will you be my pussy boy? Sissy phone sex for the man who needs to surrender!

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