Sissy humiliation training Size Queen

Sissy humiliation training This sexy vixen delights in sissy humiliation training. You should all know by now that I’m a size queen mistress who keeps it as real as she can for you. It serves you no use for me to deceive you or make you feel better about your tragic disability. Besides, come to think of it, I’m the one who deserves pity. What am I expected to do with your tiny cock? Even the term “little” is praise. It’s more like to a guy clit. A disappearing micropenis. It’s pointless massaging or sucking it to get it hard since even hard, it’s a pitiful small pathetic pinky.

Sissy Humiliation Training for small dicks

If this big dick queen is going to devour a cock, it had better be a long, thick hunk of meat! Have you got it? No! I also don’t want to see you jerk your puny winky in front of me, foaming at the mouth and gyrating like you’re having a seizure. Disgusting!

Here’s what I do with guys with little dicks like yours. I dressed you in pink pantyhose and crotchless sissy panties with a little hole in the back for your male pussy. I tell all the Alpha males I know that I have a special sissy girl that needs her ass cherry popped for them to fuck. You should see all of them line up! They understand that if this huge dick lover is pimping out a sissy fag like you, you must be one of the worst losers. And they like assisting their favorite size queen and mistress phone sex in degrading and humiliating little dick sissies like you!

Just being honest! All sissy sluts and faggot prostitutes, unite! It’s time for you to come out of the closet, and I’m just the cunning whore who can bring you there. Nothing excites me more than preparing you to be the sissy girl of your fantasies. I also specialize in: spanking, pegging, sph, bisexuality, smoking, foot and shoe, and BBC, as well as chastity, bondage, humiliation, teasing, and denial! 

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