Sissy humiliation training not for the faint of heart.

Sissy humiliation training

Most sissy bitch boys beg for sissy humiliation training, but once you start to let them know their place, they seem to curl into a ball and suck their faggot fingers. You say you like pain, but when it hurts, you use that safe word that lets me know you are a pansy wallflower cunt who isn’t a cunt. Cunts can handle a lot of pain. Bitch boys cry like the dumb faggots they are. When I say bend your ass over, do you hesitate? Let alone all the needle play that makes my actual cunt drip. I can’t get enough of inflicting pain on your sissy ass. If you are serious about living up to your potential, have your sissy clothes on and mouth open when you dial my extension. Don’t waste my time if your not man enough to be the bitch you want to be. Complain to someone who cares about what a sensitive man you are, but not me. I like my sissy boys ready to take whatever Mistress Genesis feels entertained to dole out on their asses. You should have an array of butt plugs and bras, mini skirts, and dildos. Ass up in the air and mouth open to receive.  My 10-inch strap is ready to give you what you have coming. Repeat: You are nothing without a mistress and will continue to waste away as a mouth breather until you know how to submit.

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