Sissy Humiliation Training Keeps Little Sissies in Line


sissy humiliation trainingYou need a good long sissy humiliation training session. I know it’s hard for a loser piece of shit like you to accept the truth, so I’m here to remind you. That pathetic limplet that you refer to as your “dick” is nothing more than an over sized clit. No woman in her right mind would ever want to touch it. And even if you did manage to get a pity fuck, you would never be able to satisfy a woman. But since you don’t seem to understand that, I have a fun little toy that will remind you. A new, pretty pink cock cage. I didn’t even think they made these this small. Now you’re going to put this on. Your new accessory will look adorable in your sissy panties.

and get on your knees like the pathetic little bitch boy that you are. You’re going to like my 6-inch stilettos and beg me to treat you like the pathetic sissy slut you were born to be. When I feel satisfied, I will make you take every inch of Master Meadow’s big purple dick. You love it, don’t you? The fact that I’m even paying attention to you, must make your clitty throb. That pisses me off. I’m disgusted by you, you disgusting sissy loser. I’m going to make sure your throat is fucking destroyed. And then you’re going to bend over and let me do the same to that sissy shithole. 

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