Sissy Humiliation Training for Unruly Sissies

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training can be so fun. Although I am more a sensual dome, maybe even nurturing, some guys deserve shame and humiliation, not love and support. Does that sound like you? Let me tell you about sissy Rikki. She might be one of the most pathetic sissy bitches I ever encountered. She hired me for fem boy training but got a lot more than that.

Sissy Rikki turned out to be a handful. Would not wear what I picked out for her. Challenged every choice I made for her. I punish unruly sissies. And I enjoy it too. Nothing worse than a sissy who thinks they can control the session and make the decisions. Not on my watch. First, I caged that little clit stick. And my tiniest cage fit well. I mean this sissy bitch appeared to be hung like a hamster, LOL.

Second, I called for reinforcements. I am a bbc sissy trainer after all. But get this. A fucking loser in a cage with a clit stick went on a racist tantrum when Jerry and Dion showed up. I call them my punishers because between them they have over 20 inches of big black meat. And they can punish sissy holes. Oh, and they can break sissies into submission too.

I Will Use Big Black Cocks to Punish Unruly Sissies

Sissy Rikki screamed as Dion pushed a foot long dong in her tight back door pussy. But I wanted her to scream. I mocked her for being a sissy faggot. As she screamed racial epithets, Jerry decided to shove his 13-inch rod down her mouth. That shut the unruly bitch up. If you have a mouth full of BBC you cannot say shit.

I wrote, “BBC Faggot” on Sissy Rikki’s forehead in red lipstick. And I reveled in her shame and disgust. She hated every minute of having two big black cocks in her at once. And she hated it even more when they coated her with cum. But that was the point. Sissies do not call the shots with a phone dominatrix. And unruly sissies get punished and laughed at because I am in charge always.

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