Sissy Humiliation Training: All Pathetic Sluts Need Proper Training.

Sissy Humiliation TrainingSissy humiliation training is a need for all sissified men who need to learn their place that the feet of superior women. Some fake men are born with very little in their life, and I am not talking about monetary gain. I am talking about the little tic-tac they keep hidden in their panties, hoping no one discovers just how much of a pathetic loser they are. However, a superior teen Princess like me can smell it in the air whenever a little limp-dick loser makes his way in front of my presence. That is why sissified losers need the proper training in order to learn their real place in life. Start with chastity. You should keep that gross thing locked up tight so that you never touch it unless you get permission. Burn all your fake make boxers and briefs. From now on sissy women’s panties will be all that you wear. That includes work in front of all your real manly peers. Get yourself a big cock from Amazon and get ready to practice your cock sucking skills. After all, a real sissy needs to learn how to serve superior cock since they don’t have one themselves. You are about to be humiliated in a way that feels so good, just like the bitch you were always meant to be.

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