Sissy girl training with Miss Remi

sissy girl training

My newest sissy bitch showed up to my house early this morning, for her sissy girl training and didn’t leave until almost dark. Her panties and stockings were ripped to shreds, makeup smeared all over her face and she had a little river of cum flowing down her legs from her worn out fuck hole. She arrived at my house as a virgin but left barely able to walk after all of the hard dick I made that slut take! Now, I don’t usually turn bitches out that fast but after putting her in panties and getting her face fucked, she was begging my studs to destroy her pussy. She was doing such a good job sucking them off and letting them fuck her slut hole of a mouth. I watched her spit and slobber all over them while jerking and sucking them at the same time. How could I say no when she was doing such a good job? She was reaching back to hold her sexy ass open and begging to be fucked like a slut. I knew she wasn’t quite ready but thats the kind of enthusiasm I love to see in my sissy bitch fags! I told her that we needed to get her stretched and ready before I would let a bbc rip her open. I strapped on my biggest fuck rod and got behind her. I could see her tight he-pussy flaring open every time she gagged on one of the big meat sticks down her throat. I circled her cunnie hole with the head of that dildo, teasing her and making her whole body tremble. My bbc studs were taking their time, each shoving their giant dick deep in her throat and fucking her face while she stroked her itty bitty clit through her panties. I grabbed a handful of that pretty, long hair she has and used it as a handle to hold onto while I was thrusting my fuck pole in and out of her slut hole. I’m sure she was probably moaning like a slut but I couldn’t tell with that huge cock in her mouth! I get so excited when I think about training my sluts that I can’t stop rubbing my pussy long enough to write a blog about it. Why don’t you make it easier on this horny, little mistress and call me so I can finger fuck my cunnie while I tell you about it?

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