Sissy girl training for neighbor bitch

I just get in the mood where I want to give someone some Sissy girl training, that’s when I go sissy hoe hunting. I can spot a sissy bitch a mile away. Just like that, one of my neighbors I had not met before was checking the mail.

Sissy girl training

The way he moved told me he wears panties and when he bent over, I saw a pink thong. I told him to come to my place and had something to show him. As soon as he walked in, I put my hand in his pants and pulled on his panties. I got him on his knees and told him that a good girl kisses mistress pretty feet. With shock in her face, she started kissing and licking my feet. I told her that from now on when she comes over, she would be kissing my feet and wearing what I choose for her to wear. Tonight, I wanted to start her training by making her lick the leftover cum out of my cunt. I had just been fucked by an alpha bull who filled me up with lots of thick semen. I sat down and lifted my skirt and told my new sissy slave to clean me up. The Best sissy trainer like me will have you eating lots of cum loads. 

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