Sissy Girl Training For Closet Fags

I love when the shy closet homosexuals come to me craving to get Sissy girl training. I enjoy starting them off with buying some really sexy, silky feminine panties and getting them to slowly incorporate them into their daily lives. I want them to wear them when they are having their personal self pleasuring moments. I love to get them to train with a small buttplug with the panties. I work them into eventually wearing the panties daily under their professional man clothes. I love to hear about how they get so excited to get their panties out and to feel that buttplug. I love getting my closet sissy’s to get bolder and wear the buttplug for longer periods, and eventually out in public. It makes me very proud when they get to sucking a nice big dildo for me and soon they slowly start grinding down on that dick. I know then it’s time for my Sissy’s to make that move and suck their first cock.

Sissy girl training

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