Real sissies choose pink

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One of my many assignments is ensuring my sissies know how to embody pink. Sissy hot pink is the color to wear and embrace. I didn’t want to use purple or anything super crazy like gold or silver; I wanted a color that meant femininity, and that’s what I would make my sissies wear and thrust themselves into it. So I don’t care if they are married I still want them to wear pink. Guys are into not wearing pink, even if it’s part of a fashion statement. Imagine a guy that is a closeted sissy wearing pink out in the open going to his corporate job, or being the CEO of that business and wearing pink. Choosing pink items and accessories doesn’t matter; it has to be pink. One of my sissies, I made them transform their man cave into a sissy cave, a sissy dungeon, a sissy Castle; it took over six months until his wife looked at it because she had no clue and was so disconnected from him that she would never even go to that area of the house. Oh, she did have questions, and when she realized she had a sissy in her hands, she went berserk. Which, in the end, was so much better for me.

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