Put on your Sissy panties

Online sissy trainingHumiliation phone sex with My Lucky sissy was so much fun.. I had him moaning so loud, I know the neighbors had to of heard everything.. LOL, You see… Lucky sissy wears Sissy panties but  he tends to try and hide them underneath his sweat pants.. He has to maintain a big macho persona to try and keep everyone in his small town from finding out he is a cock sucking Faggot! I am sure the neighbors have their suspicions, especially after hearing him scream “I am a faggot and I love sucking cock.” (haha I can literally hear him saying that!)

My little peenie, was rubbing on his clit while screaming out loud, about how he wanted to have a big fat cock shoved down his throat..  The windows were wide open! Once he starts milking his prostate that little faggot in his head tends to have a mind of its own.. I made him squirt so hard from taunting him! Lucky sissy will always be a faggot and there is nothing he can do about it! He just cant get enough of big fat dick…

That’s right Lucky sissy, you are a huge faggot! Go ahead faggot jerk that fucking nub, you just cant get enough cock can you slut? Tug, tug, tug LOL cum to the thought of a big Latino cock you little freak! You know you want a big fat, juicy throbbing tan dick down your throat… After reading this I am sure your little Vienna sausage is jumping for joy.. You know you want to suck some cock right now Luckyyyy and who better to do it with than your BBC sissy trainer.  Say it baby, “I am a fucking faggot.”

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    • Tim on February 2, 2023 at 10:03 pm
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    Wow so sexy i just cant!

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