Phone domination will leave you begging for more

Phone domination

Submissive sissy bitch boys need Phone domination to lead them into the weekend. All a powerful man needs after a long week is a weekend to let go. That’s where I cum into play. I won’t repeat myself twice when I give an order. You mind must meld with mine and you must do as I direct you to do. What I tell you to wear, you do. When I tell you to drop to your knees, there are no questions asked. Your going to be my bitch and I will own your ass. I don’t want to hear any complaints about your comfort sissy zone. Your my bitch to do with as I please. Drop to your knees and worship my cunt until I say I am done and you may rise like the filthy pig you are.

Maybe it’s time for a little Forced feminization. Do you know your place or will a dress remind you that you are not in control and your only directive this weekend is to submit your will to my desire .

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