Phone Domination on Lock Down

phone dominationPhone domination does not violate any stay at home orders. Many states are slowly getting back to normal, but adult places will be the last to resume operations. You may not see an adult bookstore or a glory hole open for a while. In the meantime, sissies still need to work on being good sissies. Lori is a long term sissy of mine. In fact, she is a sissy I trained in my home for years. She can no longer come to my house for training. She has become one of you. She must call me for her training. I will not let a sissy slide just because the world is on lock down. Lori is working on her cock sucking skills. She was about to get the real thing in her sissy holes when the world imploded. I had a big black stud lined up to fuck her sissy pussy and her pretty mouth. It will still happen. It just must wait. In the meantime, I sent her some big black dildos. Some from my private collection because she is a special sissy. Not that you are not special. It is just that Lori has been with me for 6 years. I know what you are thinking. Six years and just now about to get cock? Not all sissies are cock whores. Lori started off as a sissy maid. She just wanted to wear pretty things and take care of the best sissy trainer she knew. She would clean my house and worship my pussy and ass whenever I wanted. Lori was married when we first met. She wanted to be a sissy badly, but she did not want to cheat on her wife either. I could work with that. I respected that. Last year, sissy Lori got divorced and she knew that meant it was time to embrace the sissy life in its entirety. Until she can get that big black cock in her sissy holes, she is practicing with my dildos. I do not care if you are a sissy maid or a cock loving sissy faggot, online sissy training keeps you in sissy mode.

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